Jul 14

Froome Happy To Come Up Unscathed

Defending Tour France champ Froome was relieved to bypass trouble in the 2nd stage of the esteemed cycling championship which witnessed many mishaps along the trail.

A class finish to 201 km long trail from Yorkshire to Sheffield would definitely hit all headlines today as Nibali emerged victorious with yellows jersey yet the stage would also create stir given the series of falls it witnessed yesterday.

Richie Porte, Froome’s trusted lieutenant at the highly honored race, was one of those who met with a crash at the second stage. Fortunately, the Tasmanian rider has recovered quickly.

The Sky leader was just 2 seconds behind from Nibali & looked content post a hard day, packed with 9 categorized climbs.

“Personally for me it was staying away from trouble”, remarked the defending Tour de France champion. “It’s about staying on front & bypassing the big splits & major issues. It was a real tough race.”

The second day of the prestigious race naturally drew thousands & thousands of crowds who were lining up Yorkshire streets and it was the ride at Holme Moss that is sure to etch an everlasting memory for the cycling fans lining there.

Chris Froome expressed great gratitude to the countless fans cheering them as they were riding to Holmes Moss. “The crowd was just incredible”, remarked a content Chris. “For example going up to Holme Moss was real tough & I even had goosebumps. It’s massive, completely massive.”

Geraint Thomas, Froome’s team-mate in Team Sky mirrored similar views while talking about the tough stage. “It was really tough. Once we just turned on right off main road & we still had 35 kms more to go- it’s a true step up”, noted Thomas. “It was a great racing & I feel those trails are truly good.”

Jul 14

Incycle DH – 2013 Sea Otter Classic Downhill Race Run – Jon Buckell

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Jun 14

Chris Hoy’s Take On Political Issues

Being one of the most amazing Olympian’s ever, Chris Hoy, has brought great pride to Scotland. He has won 6 gold medals for cycling for Team GB.

He was recently interviewed about his take on Scottish independence. However he declined to answer the questions relating to it and support to Great Britain.  Despite being hounded by journalists to give his opinion he did not give in. This is probably the same kind of grit that pushes him to be such a great Olympian.

Since his retirement from international cycling, Hoy has started a career in racing. He participated in the SR1 Cup and came in fifth. His car had to be customized to his physique. A cyclists’ endurance comes from the strength of the thighs. He felt being fondled by people in the open air was the downside of being famous.

Chris Hoy’s love for cycling has permeated into other spheres as well. It has not been fixed to the domain of sports alone. He quite recently started a business venture where fix kits are provided along with bikes. He feels that many people (some of whom purchase very expensive bikes) often do not set up their bikes appropriately and as a result end up getting injured. He feels that it ruins the entire joy of cycling especially since most of the time people by really good bikes. The fix kit has been invented to improve the cycling experience of people and avoid mishaps.

On another note, he dislikes being persuaded or pulled into answering political questions. He is ready to work hard in any field where he is driven by passion. His love for cycling and racing will always give him incentive to put in his 100% but he has absolutely no ambition whatsoever to enter the political arena.

Jun 14

Incycle Enduro – 2013 PCA #2 – Riverside Enduro Preride – All 3 Stages

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May 14

‘bicycle love’

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Apr 14

I love my BIKE

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Mar 14

I love my bike!

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Mar 14

Cavendish keen on San Luis

Mark Cavendish has declared to choose San Luis and rule out the Tour Down Under championship. The Omega Pharma rider believes that the Argentine province hosting San Luis has got everything desired by him and hence he doesn’t have qualms to ditch the seaside Aussie race for that.

“The Down Under Tour is very hard for me. It’s a major World Tour”, stated Cavendish while stating his refusal to the Australian championship. “Physically it is no more demanding in comparison to San Luis yet the World Tour points make it really stressful. If I get to win Down Under Tour I won’t be able to perform well in July. I am looking forward to win championships. I won’t be good for Tour France.”

The leading rider claimed that he would be able to come up strong in san Luis, the classics & upcoming Tour France.

The Omega Pharma rider had his stints with Down Under Tour earlier. He took part in the esteemed Australian race in 2011 & that very year he came up with several wins. Cavendish won one of the stages of Oman Tour, 2 stages of Giro, 5 stages of Tour France, 2 in Britain Tour  & the title of World Championship. He admitted that he would love to get back to San Luis race every year.

“Last year I was a replacement in San Luis for Boonen who was sick back then. I enjoyed thoroughly 7 would love to see myself here every year”, remarked Cavendish.

Cavendish led Tom Boonen in sprint to Koslay last Wednesday. Tom came 3rd preceded by Giacomo Nizzolo from Trek Factory. However, the rider was upset about losing out on Alessandro given stomach issues.

“It was bad to lose out on Alessandro as we’re just having a hang of things”, stressed Cavendish.

Feb 14

amazing bicycle.mp4

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Jan 14

My love

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