Oct 14

Death At The Ludgate Circus

On Friday a cyclist who was a female died at the Ludgate Circus. The London Mayor has called for immediate help and improvement at the superhighways of cycling places. The plans for development of the cycle superhighways have increased. The collision took place with the lorry and similarly other deaths which took place were at the same junction two years back.

The deaths are tragic incidents not only for the family but personal loss for the individual as well as it takes away the Right to Life. Neglect of the roads is a serious issue which should not be dampened. The lanes of cycle also need to be segregated. The style of lanes has to be modelled on the lines of Dutch. The Mayor is not taking full proof steps to quickly develop the place. The issue has to be fast tracked as soon as possible. To lose lives is not affordable for the people in London.

Some are of the opinion that side track for cycling is good while others believe that the side track creates hassles. Mandate is required and the Mayor should look into the matter as is felt. Protest march is going to be held on 15th of November by the supporters at London, Bedford Square. Steps are also taken to control air pollution with measures of the safety ground. There has to be stringent measures put on the cycling routes as well so that the cyclist do not deviate from the main juncture.

Ludgate Circus being the prime locations should be made a lot more convenient for the pedestrians, cars and bicycles. Traffic jam and accidents are common but if it becomes fatal that it destroys the life of the individual then it creates havoc for all crossing the road.

Sep 14

Flesh-Colored Cycling Kits Stir Up Controversy

Colombian Women’s cycling team is being discussed at length on the social media websites not for the team’s skill or performance but because of their highly controversial cycling kit. The uniform which the team wore at the Tour of Tuscany was basically a combination of white, red and yellow colors and it had a panel around the lower torso which was flesh colored. Due to this panel, the Colombian team members appeared to be nude.

Pictures of the team members wearing this cycling kit were posted on the social media and majority of the people criticized the uniform as wrong, rude and disastrous. The outburst on the social media forced Brian Cookson’s (UCI’s president) response on Twitter where he said that UCI (International Cycling Union) is investigating the matter. He clearly stated that such cycling uniforms are unacceptable if one has to go by the norms of decency.

The Colombian women’s team that had worn this wrong uniform is IDRD-Bogota Humana-San Mateo-Solgar. Whether this team was going to wear the same uniform at the Road World Championships (21st of September, 2014) or not was actually not confirmed.

Angie Ariza (designer of this controversial uniform) tweeted that the kit was closely related to the colors of the sponsors and it was not at all scandalous and or grotesque in any way.

Cycling League of Bogota claimed that the kit was designed by Angie, and two sponsors, Solgar Foundation, San Mateo and IDRD (District Institute for Recreation and Sport) had endorsed the design. However, IDRD clarified via Twitter that no one had approached them with the design as such.

The 6 women cyclists who wore these unacceptable cycling uniforms are going to attend a press conference in Columbia to put forward their views. It has been reported that these cyclists have been utilizing the kits since January.

Aug 14

Sagan signs contract with Tinkoff-Saxo

Tour France 2014 green-jersey winner Sagan (Peter) has reportedly signed a 3-year contract with famous cycling squad Tinkoff-Saxo- which is popularly known as leading Spaniard rider Alberto Contador’s team.

The Slovak rider was eagerly waiting for some fresh challenge with Cannondale squad about to merge by the conclusion of this season and hence readily accepted the contract from Tinkoff-Saxo. Cannondale is speculated to merge with Garmin-Sharp.

Sagan had numerous options on his plate but still he chose to opt for this famous Danish squad & the Saxo manager is naturally ecstatic with the new acquisition. “We are extremely proud and happy to welcome and present Peter Sagan here in 2015 on the basis of a long-term 3-year contract”, stated Riis while declaring their link up with the popular Slovak star.

“Peter is undoubtedly one among the huge talents in the cycling zone & is a  big name already. He has got a winner mentality , he is pretty visible & active in finales & he undoubtedly has this ability to ensure victories. It would be really thrilling to work alongside him, personally for me. He is a big talent & already pretty strong yet I believe that he holds more potential in comparison to what we have seen from him this far”, Riis continued.

“He still needs to learn more regarding tactical facets of riding to ensure complete optimization of his power yet I feel that we’re completely equipped to assist him develop eve more. In 2015, we would have a super strong team to back him up for the huge wins all through the season.”

Sagan’s biggest achievement this season is surely the hat-trick of Tour France green jersey last moth- apart from his brilliant stage victories at Califoria Tour, Tirreno-Adriatico, Oman Tour, Tour Suisse & E3 Harelbeke.

Jul 14

Froome Happy To Come Up Unscathed

Defending Tour France champ Froome was relieved to bypass trouble in the 2nd stage of the esteemed cycling championship which witnessed many mishaps along the trail.

A class finish to 201 km long trail from Yorkshire to Sheffield would definitely hit all headlines today as Nibali emerged victorious with yellows jersey yet the stage would also create stir given the series of falls it witnessed yesterday.

Richie Porte, Froome’s trusted lieutenant at the highly honored race, was one of those who met with a crash at the second stage. Fortunately, the Tasmanian rider has recovered quickly.

The Sky leader was just 2 seconds behind from Nibali & looked content post a hard day, packed with 9 categorized climbs.

“Personally for me it was staying away from trouble”, remarked the defending Tour de France champion. “It’s about staying on front & bypassing the big splits & major issues. It was a real tough race.”

The second day of the prestigious race naturally drew thousands & thousands of crowds who were lining up Yorkshire streets and it was the ride at Holme Moss that is sure to etch an everlasting memory for the cycling fans lining there.

Chris Froome expressed great gratitude to the countless fans cheering them as they were riding to Holmes Moss. “The crowd was just incredible”, remarked a content Chris. “For example going up to Holme Moss was real tough & I even had goosebumps. It’s massive, completely massive.”

Geraint Thomas, Froome’s team-mate in Team Sky mirrored similar views while talking about the tough stage. “It was really tough. Once we just turned on right off main road & we still had 35 kms more to go- it’s a true step up”, noted Thomas. “It was a great racing & I feel those trails are truly good.”

Mar 14

Cavendish keen on San Luis

Mark Cavendish has declared to choose San Luis and rule out the Tour Down Under championship. The Omega Pharma rider believes that the Argentine province hosting San Luis has got everything desired by him and hence he doesn’t have qualms to ditch the seaside Aussie race for that.

“The Down Under Tour is very hard for me. It’s a major World Tour”, stated Cavendish while stating his refusal to the Australian championship. “Physically it is no more demanding in comparison to San Luis yet the World Tour points make it really stressful. If I get to win Down Under Tour I won’t be able to perform well in July. I am looking forward to win championships. I won’t be good for Tour France.”

The leading rider claimed that he would be able to come up strong in san Luis, the classics & upcoming Tour France.

The Omega Pharma rider had his stints with Down Under Tour earlier. He took part in the esteemed Australian race in 2011 & that very year he came up with several wins. Cavendish won one of the stages of Oman Tour, 2 stages of Giro, 5 stages of Tour France, 2 in Britain Tour  & the title of World Championship. He admitted that he would love to get back to San Luis race every year.

“Last year I was a replacement in San Luis for Boonen who was sick back then. I enjoyed thoroughly 7 would love to see myself here every year”, remarked Cavendish.

Cavendish led Tom Boonen in sprint to Koslay last Wednesday. Tom came 3rd preceded by Giacomo Nizzolo from Trek Factory. However, the rider was upset about losing out on Alessandro given stomach issues.

“It was bad to lose out on Alessandro as we’re just having a hang of things”, stressed Cavendish.

Jan 14

Thomas Looks Back

The year 2013 has not been a very good season for Geraint Thomas. During the Tour de France he was thrown off board due to which his pelvis got fractured. The worst part is it happened just in the starting stage in Corsica. In a very recent interview Thomas said that he has flashbacks of what had happened last year and when he looks back at that day it leaves him in tears.

The incident was so pathetic that he needed help to dress in the skin suit and there were also people who helped him to get off board and off from his bike. Being a professional this is something that you do not expect but the fact is it has happened to him and he is really upset about the incident.

He said that such things often happen in cycling when there are lots of other riders coming in at the same time and what people normally do if they fall down is get up and start riding again. But for him the case was a bit different. He had searing pain in his pelvis which was later found to be fractured. Before he could actually do anything he was thrown off and he was flying over the handlebars of his bike.

The moment Thomas heard as to what had happened to him he thought that his career was over. But fortunately the doctors have done their best and Thomas has recovered well from the situation. He is determined enough to make a comeback and his fans and his whole team are quite confident about that. The doctors however have said that he needs to recover fully first and then only there can be any question of cycling again otherwise the condition can become worse for him.

Nov 13

UCI Announces Revamp

UCI has reportedly announced to revamp plans in road racing. According to the reports, the governing body of cycling wants to have promotion & relegation in pro cycling as the part of their new proposed 3-tier league idea. The UCI has further declared their plan to scrap down the schedule of elite pro teams to 120 days.

The proposed 3 tier League will comprise of 16 team 1st division, 8 team 2nd division & feeder 3rd division regional teams. As per UCI’s revamp plan, the 8 team 2nd division would race for 50 days. The reforms are yet to be sent for approval by January next year & if approved by UCI management Committee & PCC (Professional Cycling Council) would be implemented by the year 2015.

The road race revamp proposals have been published in a latest UCI newsletter and are planned to have complete implementation by the year 2020. UCI has dubbed these revolutionary plans as “profound & decisive changes” in the field of pro cycling.

Brian Cookson, the newly elected President of UCI stressed that they are planning to restructure the elite team road-race calendar with a view to enhance the significance of cycling globally. “My manifesto wasn’t simply a mere declaration. In fact, it’s a genuine plan considering the future & a serious working document. It’s not that my priorities have changed post my election”, stated Cookson in the UCI’s newsletter.

“UCI should take all essential steps for restoring it’s credibility & that of the sport as well- specifically in regards to public view on anti-doping measures & present-day leaders in the cycling world”, our sources quoted Cookson. “We need to alter our ways regarding anti-doping management, restructure the elite road racing, improve women’s cycling scene & reinforce our influence & status particularly within the esteemed Olympic Movement.”

Sep 13

Contador Against Froome

Alberto Contador is a name which is quite popular in the world of cycling. He is a Spanish cyclist who is among those people who have won the road cycling championship in all 3 Grand Tours. Now he is going to join Chris Froome in the one day cycling competition going to be conducted next month. This competition will be held in the Quebec City of the Canada. This tour is going to witness some other notable players such as Andy Schleck and Cadel Evans. This cycling competition is divided in the 21 team eight members each. It is the only cycling event which is conducted in the North America.

This tour will be started from Quebec and then proceed to Montreal. All the cycling champions will hit the hilly streets of these cities and compete as team with each other. Alberto Contador will be leading the team Saxo-Tinkoff. Other teams participating in this competition are Sky Procycling Squad which is headed by Froome, BMC Racing leaded by Evans, Radhishack Leopard headed by Schleck and Garmin Sharp which is headed by Hesjedal. There are some more teams which are being headed by some other notable cycling winners. This competition is definitely going to be a must watch for cycling lovers.

Some other competitors that will face the challenge by above cycling stars are Slovak Peter Sagan, Lars Petter Nordhaug, Rui Costa and Robert Gesink. These all are familiar name which will be giving a tough competition in the cycling race event. Among these 21, 10 teams are of professionally noted cyclers who will encourage the viewers to watch the race. So, it will be an exciting event for the spectaculars and contestants. If you want to witness it then don’t forget to register yourself for the event. After all a live match is more thrilling.

Sep 13

Kelderman Triumphs

Wilco Kelderman has reportedly emerged as the winner of Tour of Denmark 2013. The young 22 year old Dutch racer from Belkin took up the coveted yellow jersey after winning on the 2nd of 2 stages on August 3. The Tour of Denmark 2013 started on July 31 and continued till August 4.

The Dutch cycling pro won on 12.1 kilometer stage coming up first on the individual time-trial at the final stage of the Tour. He triumphed at five individual time-trial within fourteen minutes & 35 seconds in Holbaek, just 2 seconds prior to Timofey Kritskiy from Katusha & 3 seconds better than Elmiger from IAM Cycling. Continue reading →

Jul 13

New cycling Hub of Newcastle

The world of cycling few years ago was shocked by the famous Lance Armstrong’s doping incident. The fans felt cheated and started hating this cycling star. Once who was a hero for the fans became a traitor and a villain in the eyes of the same fans. After all these negative acts there are people who still love the legend Lance Armstrong.

Recently Newcastle got a new cycling hub for all the cycling lovers. Lance Armstrong became a permanent mark on the new hub thanks to the designer Paul Robson. In his design he has added an artwork on the floor using the pages from the legends autobiography. The artwork is created by pasting all the pages of the book on the floor and coating it with six coats of varnish to stick it permanently. This artwork was made possible by the fans donating their book to the hub.

When asked about the main idea behind using Armstrong as a subject for the artwork the designer had to say that there are fans who still love this hero. He said that there is a mixed amount of fans in the world some still love him while others hate him. He also added that while collecting books he got few books with LIAR imprinted on the front of the book.

The designer personally loved this cycling legend because of the amount of charity he did using the money he won in Tour de France. The designer also stated that the artwork being on the floor would give a good idea about people’s reaction over the legend. If people still love him then they would keep it safe in the memory else they would stamp him and walk over the artwork. Now it will be good to see on what is the real reaction of the fans over this legend.