How To Fix Bike Brakes

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  8. can anyone help when i brake it noise

  9. this might cost due to the dirt, i have the same thing, so thinking to wash the brakes with soapy water and a tooth brush. Try that one too.

  10. @cacaoist well sometimes people find some parts of the manul hard so they look on u tube so u dont need to be so harsh

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  13. when i brake i must take my 2 hand to brake

  14. TheAirsoftsolder

    can someone help me? my problem is i need to get the rear brakes to not rub against my rear rim, my bike is a CHAOS BMX bike if anyone can help please do

  15. prydzallmighty

    Too basic for my liking I need the most help keeping the dam things centered, Tia the trickiest part don’t you know!

  16. my Brakes are grabby when I go Down hill, Help??

  17. you might need to buy a new cable or brake system

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  20. well, i have a rake pads familiar to these you are using, and i need to adjust them, and i have no clue how to do that :/

  21. ThtGuyIzRippin

    thanks for the guide helped alot!

  22. That’s a crappy bike.

  23. I fell off my bike and my brake on the handle fell off its still connected to the wire. how do i fix it?

  24. grease them well

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