Jan 15

Chris Froome To Participate In The Next Year’s Tour de France

Chris Froome has said that winning Tour de France is one of his goals for the next season. After the route of the 2015 edition of Tour de France was unveiled in Paris in October, Froome said that he wasn’t happy as there were not many time trials in the route.

He said that he will take part in the next year’s Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’Italia. After discussing his next year’s racing schedule with the management of team Sky, Froome has decided to take part in the next year’s Tour de France.

The next year’s Tour wouldn’t be an easy one for Froome as he’ll have to compete against Vincenzo Nibali, the winner of this year’s Tour de France, Alberto Contador of the Tinkoff-Saxo team and Nairo Quintana of team Movistar. Froome couldn’t ride in this year’s Tour de France for crashing but he got the second place in the Vuelta a Espana. Alberto Contador became the winner of this year’s Vuelta a Espana. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Incycle/ODI Enduro – Hood River Stage 3 Practice – Jon Buckell – OES #1

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Dec 14

Split Lane bicycle for the motorist’s waiting for oncoming left turn.

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Dec 14

Stage 3 Wins For Tyler Farrar

Stage 3 win has been grabbed by Tyler Farrar that took place in Beijing. Gilbert has the lead in Beijing. He ended the drought which was long awaited. The stage of the tour was long with 176 km with climbs and descents which are considered to be rapid and dangerous. He was nowhere to grab the stage but he came and grabbed it. Luka Mezgec and Nikolas Maes were ahead of him but he took speed and went ahead.  It was sheer luck by which he could lead and emerge as the winner. He had to face a tough time in the race.

He came out of the corner to go ahead and perform. For the year it was his first victory. It took time to emerge but it came in the season. He was holding on to the position of second, third and fourth but not first and finally he got the first position. Weather cleared after some time and that is when the riders got into a comfortable position. After some time, conditions eased out and the riders again gained momentum. Despite conditions not working in their favour the riders put in all their hard work to put up a great riding performance at the circuit.

It takes courage to go out there and beat all the odds. Attacks are frequent and that is what occurred but it soon died down, owing to the determination put up by the riders. In fact Farrar was able to predict his fortune on the appointed day. The climbers are not as good but he was in a good position. He put in his effort which showed clearly in his performance. He was in charge of the brownie points which he achieved by his skill and tactics in the ride.

Nov 14

Incycle ODI/Enduro – 2014 China Peak Endurofest CES #2 – Stage 1 Practice Lap – Jon Buckell

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Oct 14

Death At The Ludgate Circus

On Friday a cyclist who was a female died at the Ludgate Circus. The London Mayor has called for immediate help and improvement at the superhighways of cycling places. The plans for development of the cycle superhighways have increased. The collision took place with the lorry and similarly other deaths which took place were at the same junction two years back.

The deaths are tragic incidents not only for the family but personal loss for the individual as well as it takes away the Right to Life. Neglect of the roads is a serious issue which should not be dampened. The lanes of cycle also need to be segregated. The style of lanes has to be modelled on the lines of Dutch. The Mayor is not taking full proof steps to quickly develop the place. The issue has to be fast tracked as soon as possible. To lose lives is not affordable for the people in London.

Some are of the opinion that side track for cycling is good while others believe that the side track creates hassles. Mandate is required and the Mayor should look into the matter as is felt. Protest march is going to be held on 15th of November by the supporters at London, Bedford Square. Steps are also taken to control air pollution with measures of the safety ground. There has to be stringent measures put on the cycling routes as well so that the cyclist do not deviate from the main juncture.

Ludgate Circus being the prime locations should be made a lot more convenient for the pedestrians, cars and bicycles. Traffic jam and accidents are common but if it becomes fatal that it destroys the life of the individual then it creates havoc for all crossing the road.

Oct 14

Bicycle policy Den Bosch

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Sep 14

Flesh-Colored Cycling Kits Stir Up Controversy

Colombian Women’s cycling team is being discussed at length on the social media websites not for the team’s skill or performance but because of their highly controversial cycling kit. The uniform which the team wore at the Tour of Tuscany was basically a combination of white, red and yellow colors and it had a panel around the lower torso which was flesh colored. Due to this panel, the Colombian team members appeared to be nude.

Pictures of the team members wearing this cycling kit were posted on the social media and majority of the people criticized the uniform as wrong, rude and disastrous. The outburst on the social media forced Brian Cookson’s (UCI’s president) response on Twitter where he said that UCI (International Cycling Union) is investigating the matter. He clearly stated that such cycling uniforms are unacceptable if one has to go by the norms of decency.

The Colombian women’s team that had worn this wrong uniform is IDRD-Bogota Humana-San Mateo-Solgar. Whether this team was going to wear the same uniform at the Road World Championships (21st of September, 2014) or not was actually not confirmed.

Angie Ariza (designer of this controversial uniform) tweeted that the kit was closely related to the colors of the sponsors and it was not at all scandalous and or grotesque in any way.

Cycling League of Bogota claimed that the kit was designed by Angie, and two sponsors, Solgar Foundation, San Mateo and IDRD (District Institute for Recreation and Sport) had endorsed the design. However, IDRD clarified via Twitter that no one had approached them with the design as such.

The 6 women cyclists who wore these unacceptable cycling uniforms are going to attend a press conference in Columbia to put forward their views. It has been reported that these cyclists have been utilizing the kits since January.

Sep 14

Bicycle Lubricants by Finish Line

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Aug 14

Sagan signs contract with Tinkoff-Saxo

Tour France 2014 green-jersey winner Sagan (Peter) has reportedly signed a 3-year contract with famous cycling squad Tinkoff-Saxo- which is popularly known as leading Spaniard rider Alberto Contador’s team.

The Slovak rider was eagerly waiting for some fresh challenge with Cannondale squad about to merge by the conclusion of this season and hence readily accepted the contract from Tinkoff-Saxo. Cannondale is speculated to merge with Garmin-Sharp.

Sagan had numerous options on his plate but still he chose to opt for this famous Danish squad & the Saxo manager is naturally ecstatic with the new acquisition. “We are extremely proud and happy to welcome and present Peter Sagan here in 2015 on the basis of a long-term 3-year contract”, stated Riis while declaring their link up with the popular Slovak star.

“Peter is undoubtedly one among the huge talents in the cycling zone & is a  big name already. He has got a winner mentality , he is pretty visible & active in finales & he undoubtedly has this ability to ensure victories. It would be really thrilling to work alongside him, personally for me. He is a big talent & already pretty strong yet I believe that he holds more potential in comparison to what we have seen from him this far”, Riis continued.

“He still needs to learn more regarding tactical facets of riding to ensure complete optimization of his power yet I feel that we’re completely equipped to assist him develop eve more. In 2015, we would have a super strong team to back him up for the huge wins all through the season.”

Sagan’s biggest achievement this season is surely the hat-trick of Tour France green jersey last moth- apart from his brilliant stage victories at Califoria Tour, Tirreno-Adriatico, Oman Tour, Tour Suisse & E3 Harelbeke.